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The Network

The real value of the Her Voice Network is found here in a broad web of interconnected sites.  Syndication is a powerful tool.  How can it help you?  If you already have a site, blog or home page, we will teach you how to seamlessly and simultaneously publish to our network.  Already on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter?  These posts and site activities can be connected as more


The Her Voice Network will offer choices in its membership packages.  As these details are being developed, we invite you to join us now for this trial period through December 2013.  We hope you will participate in the up coming opportunities to become involved in the network and its many value added offerings in the areas of Education and Training, Mentorship, Publishing, Marketing and so much more

Our Board

The Her Voice Board of Directors has kicked off it’s inaugural meeting for 2013 and is working furiously towards our identified goals.  Each of these women is a powerful influence within our community and we are honored to be lead by their wise and meticulous counsel.  You will be introduced to the board members here on the site, but be on the look out for them within our community and introduce more

Upcoming Events

The Her Voice Network strives to connect you to all events that are relevant and valuable to you as women in this community.  You are the Network.  We will rely on you to provide us information about the upcoming events that you care about.  If you have an event – please contact us to post on this site.  We hope you will check back often as this calendar is built more

Her Voice Operating Model

Women have been using their voice every day since the beginning.  Over time we have begun to see the positive effects of that.  In recent history, with the rise of social media, society has been introduced to programs like Lean In and The Shift Network.  These organizations join the ranks groups that have existed for decades dedicated to the pursuits of women.  

But what about the women who are so busy using their voices in the home, in schools, at the office that active participation in some of these groups might be difficult?  The rise in social media demonstrates the need we all have to be connected.  It works because it is convenient and instant.  A few minutes waiting in the dentist office provides just enough time to check in on those friends, family and interests that are present on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and many more.   

The Her Voice Network was created from a question:  If you could harness the voices within a community, as they are engaging in the daily life that serves as the community life blood, could you create opportunities for positive growth and change within that community?

The Her Voice Network is all inclusive.  There is no single focused political or religious agenda.  We simply believe that the voices of the women in our community are busy doing what women do and with today’s technologies, it would be beneficial to create a central repository of those efforts.   A portal for Her Voice.

The Her Voice Network is made up of 43 separate sites and growing.  Each of these sites represents the specific interests of the women in our community.  There are many openings for you to lead, learn and make a difference.  Check out the Her Voice community here.